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Step 1 - Plan Your Move

Fill out the form on this page to start the free moving quote process. A Mayflower agent will contact you to set up a free in-home survey and determine your moving needs. This ensures you receive an accurate estimate.

Your Mayflower agent will give you a booklet called "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move," which covers important information that consumers must have prior to the move. The booklet will also help you with the planning process.

Moving Tip: During your in-home survey, point out to your sales representative any items you won't be moving.

Step 2 - Pack and Load

Your Mayflower agent's packing team will arrive one to two days before moving day to begin packing. On the day of your move, the van operator will inventory all belongings that need to be moved and provide you with an inventory form that you must sign. Once signed, the loading process will begin.

Moving Tip: When packing, separate items according to who will be transporting them: Mayflower or you. This will prevent any confusion during loading.

After loading, the van operator will let you know when to expect your shipment delivery based upon your pre-planned window of delivery. Within 24-hours of your delivery, you will receive a phone call, which will be your final confirmation. Make sure you provide your van operator with your contact information.

Step 3 - Delivery and Payments

Please be at your residence to meet your driver, who will usually wait up to two hours for you. If you fail to arrive within that time period, additional waiting time charges could occur.

Pay your van operator at your new home by cash, certified check or traveler's check.

Step 4 - Unload and Unpack

After unloading is complete, the driver will request your signature on all delivery documents. In the event of loss or damage, please note these items on the inventory from before you sign.

Moving Tip: Our drivers are required to assemble your bed frames and unpack mattress cartons to setup all beds. If you need additional services, please contact your agent.

Hiring a moving company is a big deal and the decision on who to hire is not an easy one. You have to be able to trust your moving company with all of your most valuable possessions. Arm yourself with some basic information about how moving companies work. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how moving companies charge and how the estimates work to get you started on the process. For even more information and a directory of some of the best movers in the industry, open a free One Simple Move™ account today.


How do movers charge?


Specifics vary state to state. Local moving services are generally charged on an hourly basis and long distance moves and interstate moves are calculated using a combination of the weight of the items to be moved and the distance their being transported.


How do movers know what needs to be moved?


In order for an estimate to be generated an inventory must be completed of the items you would like to be moved. This inventory is typically referred to as a survey in the moving industry. This involves the creation of a detailed record of items to be moved from your home. The list is comprehensive and includes all furniture, appliances and estimated number of boxes.


Who completes the inventory of the items to be moved?


It is recommended that this inventory/survey be completed by the moving company.


Do all moving companies complete the survey?


In certain instances movers may not perform an in home survey due to location or size of home.

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